Claude VonStroke To Release ‘Claude VonStroke: Live in Detroit’ Album June 22

Claude VonStroke To Release ‘Claude VonStroke: Live in Detroit’ Album June 22

Recorded During Headlining Set At Movement 2018 // Features Never Before Heard Tracks & Edits From Catz n Dogz, Claude VonStroke, DJ Deeon, Will Clarke and more. Mix To Be Released Exclusively via Apple Music on June 15

Listen to a New 2018 Remix of 'Who’s Afraid of Detroit' by Wyatt Marshall, formerly known as Elevator Musik:

Watch teaser video here:

Claude VonStroke came of age in Detroit, he moved there as an 11 year old, before leaving to San Francisco at age 26. This May he fulfilled a dream of his, closing the world famous Movement Festival, as the headlining act on Saturday night. It was a surreal moment for the man who used to eat coney dogs (and still does) across the street from his father’s work downtown.

Claude VonStroke Live From Detroit is the first ever live mix album released by DIRTYBIRD Records, the label VonStroke founded in San Francisco in 2005. VonStroke has always loved mix compilations, coming of age listening to the likes of Andrew Weatherall for Fabric and Claude Young’s DJ Kicks. The chance to put out a live recording from his hometown of Detroit, in collaboration with one of the world’s largest and respected electronic music festivals, proved irresistible. 

VonStroke spent four months A+Ring the mix, pre-clearing nearly 150 tracks in the weeks leading up to the album, giving him the chance to DJ at Movement with a huge variety of music. He sourced exclusive VIP edits from the DIRTYBIRD family including Catz ‘n Dogz, Mikey Lion & Sacha Robotti, and a brand new remix of Claude’s timeless “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?”. The album came to embody the DIRTYBIRD A+R ethic, featuring seven never-before-heard tracks that VonStroke discovered, and added to the release. So while the album includes nods to the label’s past, it also includes new artists, and and an original VonStroke track called “Maharaja”. 

“I’ve played Movement more than 10 times, and every time it’s one of the most nerve-racking shows of the year,” said VonStroke. “I always want to bring the hottest possible set for Detroit, it’s where it all started, and my parents always come watch. My set is very much an old-school style DJ set, all music no-one’s heard before, special versions, secret edits, all the stuff I’ve been saving just for this performance. It seems crazy to release a mix album in today’s world, but the amount of incredible original music I have collected from both known and unknown producers will make this something people can get really excited about.” Watch Claude VonStroke Live From Detroit Teaser Video:

The artwork for the mix and compilation comes from the Detroit based design group o2 Creative, who Claude has worked with previously on various visual projects including his 2016 Summer tour. The award-winning firm, whose client list includes Coachella, Mos Def, Dreamworks, Ghostly and Maserati, was a natural choice for the regional scope of the mix project.

All the music from the mix will be available as a full compilation featuring over 20 tracks. 

Listen to Who's Afraid of Detroit (Wyatt Marshall Remix):

Watch the Claude VonStroke Live From Detroit Teaser Video:


About Claude VonStroke

Claude VonStroke created a small underground record label called Dirtybird in 2005 and grew it into a full-fledged events, clothing and music brand over the last 15 years. During this time, he has also managed to release 4 artist albums and some of the most iconic house music tracks of the last two decades. 

Most people know Claude VonStroke for his smiling DJ persona touring every major city, festival, and basement after-party around the world. But Claude has also influenced the very fabric of the dance community, A&Ring an impeccable roster of acts like Justin Martin, Fisher, Shiba San, Catz n Dogz, Riva Starr, Tim Green, Breach, Eats Everything, Walker & Royce, Shadow Child, and countless others. (And even naming a few of these artists.) Today, his Dirtybird label continues to surprise and innovate in the underground dance scene, releasing an enigmatic combination of house, funk, dirty-bass, and electronica.

VonStroke has released four original artist albums, a remix album, and a live album recorded when he closed the famed Movement Festival in his original hometown of Detroit Michigan. Some other music highlights include working on records with Bootsy Collins, Rihanna, Disclosure and Kevin Saunderson as well as a few #1 & #2 hits on Beatport.  His partnership with Green Velvet as “GET REAL” has been one of the most rewarding friendships as Claude originally modeled his career off the quirky enigmatic style of his mentor and now good friend from Chicago. 

In 2015 VonStroke brought his first festival to light called Dirtybird Campout, a unique boutique festival based on the games and activities associated with American Summer camp mixed with the best underground house and bass music in the world.  He continues to innovate and curate new events with 2 additional multi-day festivals mirroring his Birdhouse radio show in Los Angeles and Chicago and his record BBQ event series that has been going since 2003!

VonStroke also loves art, most notably pop surrealist artwork that he has commissioned for the last 7 years on Dirtybird for all of the releases.  Each year he hires a new artist and has had the pleasure of working with renowned artists such as Jeremy Fish, Dulk, Graham Carter, Dan May, Charlie Immer, Raoul Deleo and Felicia Chiao. Walking through the Dirtybird HQ in Los Angeles is like walking through an art gallery in the Wynwood district of Miami. 

A lot of his success can be attributed to a good attitude. Claude does not scowl and look mean while he DJs. He does not pretend to know everything and he truly loves his fans. He is grateful to be curating, creating and performing music for a living and he knows that the reason people go to parties is to shake their booty and have fun.

Claude VonStroke